What do I need to know about lab testing?

After your initial medical visit, your clinician will order personalized lab work for you to complete prior to your next follow-up. This may include bloodwork and specialty testing. For bloodwork, we recommend that you work with your insurance's preferred in-network lab such as Quest, LabCorp, or BioReference. Any bloodwork ordered by your Parsley provider will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab you choose to get bloodwork completed with.  There is no extra fee to have your bloodwork drawn at the Parsley Health Center labs in NYC or LA. 

If your insurance only covers blood work performed at particular lab facilities, or by an in-network provider such as your PCP, please inform our Care Managers prior to completing any lab order. We do offer alternative out-of-pocket options for those without insurance, high-deductible, or restrictive coverage. 

Some bloodwork and/or specialty tests may not be covered by insurance. In these cases, you will be billed through the processing lab. To learn more about what to expect for lab coverage, please call the member service’s number on your insurance card.

After your clinician orders and recommends testing for you to complete, you will have the opportunity to choose which tests you feel comfortable moving forward with and paying for. We will make every effort to ensure that you’re fully aware of the testing costs that may be incurred. You are under no obligation to purchase specialty testing recommended by your Parsley provider. 

If a specialty test kit is mailed to you by Parsley Health, your card on file will be charged for the shipping cost. Shipping costs are not included in the membership fee

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