Where can I complete my testing?

As a Parsley member, you have options. Your care manager will work with you to determine the most convenient testing location for you.

  • Parsley Centers: Schedule a visit to get blood drawn at one of our flagship locations in New York City or Los Angeles. Parsley Health does not charge an additional fee for Parsley doctor-ordered blood work completed at our centers.
  • Local lab: We work with most labs, including Quest, LabCorp, and BioReference, and can help find a lab near you. As another option, we can send your lab order to a nearby walk-in facility that is preferred and in-network with your insurance plan. After confirming your insurance‚Äôs preferred in-network lab facility, message your Care Team to ensure your lab order is prepared for the appropriate facility, or to discuss alternative testing options.
  • At home: Many of our specialty tests are designed to be completed at home. We ship you a kit and you provide your sample, then return it to the processing lab.

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